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2011-08-27 14:50:09 by MrFijiWiji

i think im going to get an anime profile pic.
then start making techno.
sound like a plan?


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2011-08-27 20:39:49

Nuuu... I like your house music.


2011-08-28 18:11:55

Hey, I made a video and have the code for it and want to post it on Newgrounds, but I dont know how to convert it back to the video, if you can convert it back to a video and get it back to me, ill tell you the code, and give you partial credit for the video. Post a comment on my profile telling if you would like to collaborate with me to do this. If the answer is yes, I will send you the code through private message, and then you send the movie to me when you have changed it back to a movie.

MrFijiWiji responds:

you smell like a spammer