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remix competition

2011-11-20 13:35:41 by MrFijiWiji

nsomnia Remix Competition.

November 20th to December 17th

here is the original song: mF T0

Follow these steps to participate:
1. subscribe to my channel ;)
2. download the stems here: 7j 2
3. make your remix
4. post it as a video response to this video: BO 4U

1. If you use copyrighted samples
2. If you distribute the remix publically
3. Not posted within the timeline

Judging is base on:
1. Originality/style
3. Appropriate use of the stems



Featured on my channel
Your remix will be placed on my EP
You will get 50% of royalties(money earned from sales) on your remix
I'll box you on a my channel


Featured on My Channel
Considered on the release of my EP

AFTER THE CONTEST IS OVER. if you dont win, you may release your remix under a
Creative-Commons Non-commercial Attribution License. -n c/2.5/

ALSO. if you plan on winning this competition, you cannot post your remix on newgrounds :P sorry. that would disqulify you.

if you have any questions. please post them as a comment to this video BO 4U

good luck!


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2011-11-23 14:31:50

What about using loops available for any use?

MrFijiWiji responds:

if they are royalty free go ahead.


2011-11-23 17:35:02

Wow, this is gonna be pretty excitng, my first contest I'll ever try since your music is so inpiring :D Also, congrats on Again & Again on TOP5, amazing track!!!


2011-11-24 13:18:51

Also, can we post demos of the remix publically or no??

MrFijiWiji responds:

yes but no download link


2011-11-28 03:29:41

Can I do a comedic remix?